Meet Peter Langlois, PhD.

Meet Peter Langlois, PhD. -- Discover Your True Passion with Our Empowering Guide - Unleash Your Potential and Find Fulfillment Today!

Several years ago, Peter Langlois, PhD, embarked on a profound and transformative journey with the Passion Test, under the guidance of a certified Passion Test Facilitator. This pivotal moment not only brought unprecedented clarity and renewed vigor to his own life but also ignited a deep-seated passion for assisting others on their individual quests of self-discovery.

While deeply engaged in his role as a doctor of epidemiology at the Texas Department of State Health Services, a unique opportunity presented itself — a chance to explore the certification process for The Passion Test. This transition marked the seamless integration of his innate intuitive approach with the analytical acumen honed through his PhD and extensive experience in public health.

As a Certified Passion Test Facilitator based in Austin, Texas, Peter Langlois extends a warm and genuine invitation to those seeking a transformative journey. His unwavering commitment to unveiling passions and fostering a purposeful life permeates every session. Through his guidance, individuals not only uncover their passions but also learn to navigate the intricacies of aligning their lives with these newfound insights.

Join Peter Langlois on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment, and let your passions guide you toward a more fulfilling, joyful, and purposeful existence.

Peter's Passions - Discover Your True Passion - Unleash Your Potential and Find Fulfillment Today with Instructor, Peter Langlois
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