One-On-One Sessions

Discover the flexibility and tailored experience you’ve been searching for with Peter Langlois as your guide.

Whether you crave a face-to-face encounter in the vibrant locales of Austin, TX, or the convenience of a virtual session via Zoom, Peter accommodates your preference seamlessly.

Each session, thoughtfully spanning approximately 2 hours, integrates effortlessly into your schedule, offering the ultimate in convenience. Engage in a transformative journey with two immersive sessions, meticulously designed to reveal and amplify your passions.

Peter Langlois stands out by prioritizing your needs, providing flexible scheduling, and allowing personalized session locations that suit you best.

The Passion Test, with its exclusive focus on you, goes beyond the surface, uncovering layers of passion that may go unnoticed in a more generic setting. Peter’s unique approach involves investing extra time to tailor the Passion Test to your individual needs, ensuring a profound and lasting impact on your life’s journey.

Take the first step towards a more passionate life with an investment of $195 per person, collected during the initial session, and let the transformation begin.

Schedule your One-On-One Session today!

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