What gives your life joy and meaning?

Take The Passion Test and explore the interests that could unlock your future.


Discover what you love most in life through a simple, structured, fun process with guided feedback.


Find out your top five passions along with ways for overcoming challenges and living with more joy.


Take your journey of self-discovery with my help, your certified Passion Test facilitator.  I’ll take you through the test, providing tips and insights to help you get the most from what you learn.


Several years ago I went through The Passion Test with a certified Passion Test Facilitator.  It gave me clarity and excitement about what I wanted to do with my life (though I already loved the job I was in as a doctor of epidemiology with the Texas Department of State Health Services).  So much so, that I jumped when the chance came up to apply, go through the training, and become a certified Facilitator myself.

Since then, I’ve taken many people through The Passion Test.  And now that I’ve retired from full-time epidemiology, I’m developing this into a second career.  The Test allows me to combine an intuitive approach with the analytic skills from my PhD and decades in public health.  And that results in a deep sense of meaning that comes with helping folks get more clear on what they can do with their lives. 

If this speaks to you, I’d love to take you too through your Passion Test.

Peter Langlois, PhD, Certified Passion Test Facilitator

Austin, Texas, USA




  • In-person workshop together with other participants in Austin TX.
  • One meeting lasts roughly 3 hours.
  • Scheduled every few months.


  • One session; quicker.
  • Cheaper.
  • An initial introduction in case you’re not sure this is for you.


  • $75 per person.  Collected upon registration for the workshop.


  • Go to the Contact Page, fill out the info, and indicate you’re interested in the Workshop (or you just want general information).
  • I’ll contact you shortly.



  • You and I get together for two sessions.
  • Can be done in-person in Austin TX or via Zoom.
  • Each session lasts roughly 2 hours.
  • We usually meet in a convenient coffee shop.
  • We fit the sessions into your schedule.


  • The scheduling and location are usually more convenient for you.
  • This goes deeper.  The focus is on you.
  • More time is taken to tailor The Passion Test specifically for you, in order to maximize its positive impact on your life.


  • $195 per person.  Collected during our first session.


  • Go to the Contact Page, fill out the info, and indicate you’re interested in the One-on-One sessions (or you just want general information).
  • I’ll contact you shortly.

The Book That Started It


Your passions are those things that bring your life joy and meaning.  The Passion Test is a structured way to get more clear on your top passions and how to achieve them.

Some examples from others who have taken The Passion Test can be found here: Examples.

You will discover:

  • Your top five passions.
  • The formula for creating anything you choose to have in your life.
  • The secret to guarantee a passionate, meaningful life.
  • Ways to overcome obstacles and challenges which prevent you from living your ideal life.

Almost anyone can benefit.  However, I have found it works especially well with people who:

  • have recently gone through a life change (like retirement or divorce);
  • feel stuck in life;    or
  • have so many interests they’re not sure what to focus on.
  • Life coaches typically meet with their clients many times over several months or years.  I meet with you once (for a workshop) or twice, usually 1-2 weeks apart (for the one-on-one sessions).
  • Life coaches have a broad array of tools in their toolbox.  I focus on one tool (The Passion Test), and some ancillary processes to help overcome obstacles and challenges.
  • The book that all this is based on can be purchased here: The Book.
  • The international Passion Test organization can be found here: Passion Test Worldwide.
  • The Workshop:  $25.00 covers all materials and training.
  • The One-on-One Sessions:  $95.00 for both sessions combined.  Covers all materials and training.


I still have my reminders posted, and they keep me focused on what’s most important.  I thank you for that!  (Howard G, Austin TX)

After more than 5 years, I still have note cards on my desk and by my bedside with my top 5.  I glance at them often, and they still ring true.

I practice and teach a method of meditation called iRest.  One of the key steps of the practice is becoming aware of your deepest heartfelt desire for your life.  This is something that people often need some support with.  Examples might be, “I am a force for good in the world,” “I have compassion for myself and others,” or “I am open to giving and receiving love.”  Ever since I took the Passion Test with you, mine has been, “I am thriving with health and well-being.”

There is a Facebook group for iRest teachers, and I’ve shared my experience with the Passion Test as one way for people to explore what their deepest heartfelt desire might be, especially if it’s not very clear to them and they’re curious about exploring.  I’ve also told people about the book.

So the Passion Test has really left a lasting impact with me, and I continue to refer to it.  The note cards also keep it in my awareness.     (John S, Austin TX)

Very grateful that I took The Passion Test with you several years ago.  It helped me focus my retirement energies!  It motivated me to contact a friend, which launched my career in radio.     (Dr Robert D, Austin, TX)

Doing The Passion Test with Peter helped me hone in on what I really want my life to look like, and helped me quantify those wants into concrete goals.  It was an easy and fun process, and Peter was great at guiding me through it!     (Jeff J, Austin TX)

I am so grateful for Peter and the opportunity to attend one of his Passion Test workshops.  The experience has been nothing short of life-changing for me, and things around me continue to evolve as I move deeper into the results of the exercises we did.  So many major positive shifts and life changes have taken place in just a couple of months!  I keep my Passion Cards with me so I can refer to them at will and continue to refine them as the universe delivers!!  What a fabulous gift, Peter!  Eternally Grateful, Danielle     (Danielle B, Austin, TX)


Feel free to contact me if you have any questions, want more info, or to let me know you’re interested in going through The Passion Test.