Are you searching for more in life? Feeling stuck in the hum-drum of routine?
Perhaps a major life change has left you feeling lost, be it retirement, moving to a new town, or a desire to kickstart new ideas.
Welcome to the Austin Passion Test — a transformative journey of self-discovery.
This is not your ordinary test – it’s an efficient yet powerful exploration of what brings your life joy and meaning.
Through this process, you’ll discover:  
Your top 5 passions, which may be clues to your life purpose;  
Ways to overcome obstacles that may prevent you from living your ideal life;  
The formula for manifesting abundance, joy, and meaning;  
The Secret to guarantee a more passion-filled life, starting as soon as you finish .
Your guide on this journey is Peter Langlois, PhD. As the only Certified Passion Test Facilitator in Austin, he is trained to help you get the most from this structured, fun, and engaging process.
He’s like a life coach, but different. 
A life coach tends to partner with you for weeks to years, and uses a broad array of tools. 
Peter works with you for 3 to 4 hours, and focuses on one major well-known tool (The Passion Test) as well as additional techniques to maximize the positive impact on your life.
Seize the opportunity to redefine your daily experience.
This is more than an invitation; it’s the beginning of a transformative chapter in your life.
Your path to a more passionate, meaningful, and exhilarating life starts here.
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